• Looking for a new suit for myself, just a couple of questions regarding the fitting of the JTG v the AoL suits.
    Am I correct in thinking that from the photos of the JTG jackets they do seem less narrow in the lower rib section than the AoL jackets.
    Also the JTG trousers appear more tighter in the leg fitting than the AoL trouser, not sure if I am correct in assuming this ?
    • Hi mate, sorry for delay in replying, been away. Yes, the Adam jackets are very fitted, and I had to go up a size in the jacket as too tight across the back. The trousers fit perfectly to size however. With regards to JTG, the jackets fit well and to my size, its the trousers where you may have to go up a size as per their Sta prest. Oh, and Adam jackets come up quite long so went for a short rather than regular. Hope that helps?
    • Ok thank you Mark for explaining this. Seems like an JTG jacket with Adam Trouser would have been ideal for me.
  • Try this Mark had two suits from these guys. Takes around 10 days to arrive but well worth the wait.

    • I have had a further look this morning Johnny; stuff in there looks good but very cheap. I appreciate items are made in Thailand so costs are lower. What's the quality of the material used mate. Is it a reasonable weight. The shirts look cheap as do the blazers. Any other members use these guys?
    • I may have been lucky I don't know. But the Dogtooth and Burgundy suits I ordered were 80% cotton, 20% Mohair. Its not light weight but is not heavy either, the way I like my suits :) I have had no problems with them and both are a good fit. The lining is fantastic too.

      The prices are very reasonable that's for sure 

    • Thanks Johnny. I have pulled the pin on a couple of JTG suits (sized up in the trousers), and one AOL suit (trousers ok, sized up in jacket). I will keep an eye on the Mod clothing site. Got a couple of blazers I like, so may try one of them first...thanks again, Mark
    • I had one jacket made, never worn it, long since dumped. They were very helpful indeed, but despite my individual measurements it came too large and I had to have it altered by my seamstress once more. The sleeves had no cuffs whatsoever, simply four buttons sewn to the end. To top it all of, the label inside claimed "WE ARE THE MODS". That is not to say I can speak for their suits but it can't be that much of a difference, can it? Do have a pair burgundy sta prest as well, which is ok, 100% cotton. As I said Service is friendly and delivery fast, but I won't use them again...
    • Thanks Kai, think I'll keep clear and stay with who I know...
    • It's just my own experience, Mark, limited to that one item. Maybe my verdict is really not doing justice to Johnny's suits.
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