• I've dug out all me Adidas Originals and just been wearing some chino shorts and Fred Perry polo's. Feel more like I'm back in me Casual days though rather than a Mod. Hopefully will get some good ideas off this thread. Although I love summer, Autum and Winter are the best for going all out  and dressing really smart.

  • hey guys, im currently shopping online for some shoes for summer and was considering these for £45What do you reckon? with some pale chino shorts and a short sleave button down, could look good?

    • Hi Chris, I think these are nicer for the same price.
    • To be fair, I like both these shoe styles but to be honest I'd go for Graeme's suggestion, I think tassels are a bit twee... but that's a personal thing.

      In saying that I have a couple of pairs of tasseled loafers that I trot out on occasion when the mood takes me.

      The outfit you described Chris would work with both those styles either way.

    • twee?... To be frank, im sort of trying to avoid the boat shoe, bit mainstream at the moment :p I'll think about it, but cheers for the opinion

  • I've done that, even in Los Angeles.  Gigantic umbrella, too, spans nearly as wide as I am tall and black.  It really is cooler under that thing than most people might think, and I've no reason to doubt the physics explanation on

    Black clothing is also a natural sunscreen.

  • Temps here hitting right around  33C/90F. I sent my white Levi's to get pegged, they are narrow but not enough. I'll be doing a striped shirt w/ jeans combo.The Calilfornia 65-66  beach look as stolen from Brian Jones ; ) Byrds etc.. Hot humid weather is harder, one's limited to Polo's and the like. If you live near the Artic, ya don't know how good you got it!

    • Kai,

      Recall all those crazy beach scenes in 6T's films, were-as a band pops out, and everyone breaks into to wyld dancing? Really stock look to it, add clothing w/ wide stripes on T's, or short sleeve mock turtlenecks and the like. I think some of those shirts were made of a futuristic material? (Rayon) A hybrid of Beat and Carnaby Street look is what works in this climate.(during peak heat) Yes, every kid was dressed like that back in the day! Have fun on your vacation!

    • As an aside, I can no longer thing of the striped shirt n'jeans combo without getting this song and video wormed into my head:

    • Ruadhan, you're up late, too many blues? ( just kidding) actually, only about an hour till six, so g'nite midnight to six man! 


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