Summer is going on leave!

Hi all,

As summer (here in the UK) is drawing to a close, the nights are getting darker, and colder! Personally winter is my favourite season, purely for reasons of clothing! Buying Jackets and Coats are my favourite, Scarves, Knitwear, well you all know how it goes. So I pose this simple question;

'What is everyones choice of jacket/coat for this winter, if you've even considered it? Are you buying something new, or going with something you already own and love?'

For me I'm strongly considering either a Mac, a Trench coat or some sort of Overcoat! 

So get involved, post links, post photos! I look forward to reading the replies.

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  • Smart and cool styling is for all seasons not just christmas.

    But with the summer showers we've been having, I'm more than happy to throw this over my summer wear when necessary.


  • Got to say guys would forgo pleasure of wearing any coat to keep the warm nights. Original American navy pea coat my favourite when I need to wear. Still got parker great for wearing to football in the winter when it's bloody freezing. Herringbone coat with velvet collar for dresser times.
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    • Less neck strain this way up Young Meteor. Nice Leather DB mate

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    • Oh so c'mon spill, which is your go to coat! I love my Ted Baker pea coat I have, just far too warm at certain times of the (pretty much all the time bar when it snows)!

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    • Ah sounds good! I'm not sure if I want a black over coat (goes well with my DMs) or something slightly lighter like a grey! Im quite fond of the brown ones to be honest.

    • That Crombie-style coat sounds like a Gibson 'Vinnie', right?
  • My favourite coat in winter is my original navy Crombie with velvet collar, first choice for extremely bad weather is my M51 parka.

    I've been planning to buy a Burberry Mac for years now, maybe I'll finally get one this winter.

    To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to winter, it's the season I hate most. Though it's not the best season for sporting the smartest clothes, I prefer summer, tropical temperatures, a swimmingpool and a nice, cold drink (or two, or three).

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