Sunday night!

The whole weekend was fantastic but I wanted to say the Sunday night was just amazing!!! Music was unbelievably good (even the disco stuff!) and the dancing...totally crazy! Loved it - loved it - loved it.

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  • I liked your jacket Coliey :-)
    • Yeah, Coliey's jacket was pretty cool I have to admit Andrea, but Andy Murdoch was referring to Coiley's ha ha.
  • LOL Chris :-)
    • Chris shame on you the sisters dedecated a song tou many moons back. Starts off "On the outskirts of Frisco"

      Kappa Gucci Fearochi

      Also back to the David Soul Jacket the bold Colin wore. Good on you mate very stylish ,reminded me of Tony Curtis in the Persuaders.

      On days like these every one should make the best of effort and imagition with there attire, a parka and a chanky pair of dessies dont cut it in the summer months, thats fine after a wee run out on your scooter through the winter months. Take note summer style in mod culture is made for a cool colourful character KTF.
    • I dont know if anybody noticed my summer style vented trousers (it's the latest thing from London) but I'm sure you'll all be wearing them soon.
    • I think one or two (ok everybody) noticed the original slant on the strides Stevie. If you get a loan of Andy Murdoch's 22 hole Ox blood bovver boots they would set them off nicely I feel ha ha.
    • Chris the eye let on my docs are getting bigger and better with every comment cheers!!!!

      I happen to think I was well cool and totally colour coordinated with my Scooters new paint job, Campbells borrowed wine and chrome exhaust, the John Smedley red byford bought at Paul Malloys Stall on the Saturday and my vintage Levi jaykit, not to mention the now famed Billy the Cat Helmet and Goggles as well as the white jeans. Not many can carry a look like this off but it would be great fun to see the lot of u try. By the by, there is a story to be telt about the silver lady special jacket but thats one for over a few drinks at Grahamstons on Saturday night. The cherry red Docs I got for noughtn from my Boss , worn once at a fancy dress party as Buster bloodvessel. My boss is 20 odd stone totally bald and talks in Yarmouth accent,hates mods from when he was a lad collecting deck chairs on the beach front at GY. but said it was the best job he ever had, huners a burds as he put it. Safety 1st Cherry red Doc wearers back me up here. At a ride out sturdy foot wear means happy feet. Who is all going to Grahamstons for the Argyles dance? and what are u all intending on wearing for the doo? Is anyone taking the scoots out on the afternoon before the nite oot.? I no I ask a lot of questions and nobody ever answers but so F""""........ Keep the Faith. and wheres ma braces?
    • Your 36 hole Docs are not getting bigger with every comment Mr Murdoch ha ha.

      And all kidding aside you looked pefectly cool for the run out mate, and I would not blame you for wearing the ankle defenders with me around on the road.

      I am sorry to say that I think I may have to sit out the Roadrunners bash this time. Motown legend Martha Reeves is playing Glasgow a week on Sunday and I have to say that if I have to choose the Vandella's lead singer wins by a country mile. I have never seen such a Soul star live and I think it should be a great night. Hopefully there will be a good few Mods in attendance that night too. I will probably be out the town tomorrow, so I will give you a bell and see if you's are around for a meet up. Hopefully this time McChuills will be back to normal.
    • i just wanted to post this before the thread runs dry. its for micky realy but everyone can enjoy it. mikcy this was the tune that i was asking for on sunday you might know it once you hear it.
    • i dont know if any one knows this tune but its another tune id like to see geting a play at fri street.
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