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We all know about the early days of Marc Bolan (cocksure Mod in early 60s East London, folk-rocker in the middle to late 60s, early 1970s Glam vanguard), but I've been listening to some of his later, Gloria Jones-era work leading up to his death (Zinc Alloy, Dandy In The Underground, Futuristic Dragon, Bolan's Zip Gun) and can proudly claim that it covets some of the best glam/soul hybrid pieces of all time, not least in "Teenage Dream", "Venus Loon" and "Jupiter Liar". Is there anyone else out there who happens to be into this era of T. Rex?

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  • I've always been a Bolan fan and that era of his career is overlooked by some.  He was starting to incorporate elements of soul into the T.Rex sound as early as the Tanx album which was released in '73.  His US concerts from that year also included a female soul singer called Pat Hall who joined the T.Rex line up along with Gloria Jones.  Marc produced recording sessions for a Pat Hall album which was eventually released in 1996.  Incidentally, he had a relationship with Marsha Hunt in the late 60s and she released a version of Desdemona. 

    • Marsha Hunt covered a few Bolan songs including Hippy Gumbo (recorded by John's Children) and Stacey Grove.  He also provided backing vocals on her version of My World Is Empty Without You.

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