Tailor Made club(Glasgow)dates

Here's the dates and guest djs for next few tailor made nights

FEBRUARY 8TH Chris Spring/Danny Coates(Get  Smarter, Newcastle)

MARCH 8TH Mik Parry(Pow wow Sheffield)

APRIL 12TH Martin Gavin(Watford ex Caley soul)

MAY 10TH Callum Simpson(Monkey jump Manchester)

JUNE 14TH Dave Edwards ( Sidewinder, London)

February and March dates all drinks are £1.50

Drinks are cheap rest of time anyway

venue is the Barony at Strathclyde student union in Glasgow which is the usual venue for the Saturday night at the mod weekender, times are 10 til 3, 5 quid in but half price before 11.

Original vinyl only policy


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  • I will be arriving at 10:59 pm, Paisley man half price entry ! :p

    • Good idea Johnny. You can almost get two drinks with the money you will have saved. If we ever make it in before Midnight I think the place will fall down.

    • Johnny can get tickets at half price and pass them out the door for late comers everyone a winner lol
    • £3 each then George :P

      Seriously I gotta make this one !

      Finances have been crap since my backs been fucked but I've

      stuck some cash aside :) 

      Are you allowed to dance with a walking stick ? :P

    • You are allowed anything on the dancefloor aside from glasses Johnny, and I dont mean the one's you look through.
    • Sadly I wouldn't find the dancefloor without those Chris lol.

    • Know that feeling Johnny but to be fair not wearing specs has advantage when I look in mirror look ten years younger than when I do with them on
    • LoL George. Must try that !

    • You are obviously all cash rich being able to afford expensive tatoos, so you will not need to worry about half price entry.
    • Only got one mate couldn't afford anymore us poor citizens of Renfrewshire can't keep up with east Dumbarton spending
      Still sure you will put a hat round for us
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