Tales from the Riverside

For the second time I am attempting to do a post with a photo attachment. This one was taken under the second bridge down on the Clydeside. The photo is a bit blurry, possibly due to being taken by John McGowan ha ha. Anyway, in the photo is Melvo, Shug Paton, Alex Frackleton, and me, with the gallon of shammy.

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  • I'm sure Mik knows his own brother when he see's him, and he probably remembers that shirt Alex. And that's you off the Paton's Christmas card list now ha ha. I think I will make sure the scoot is particularly dirty before you come through next summer.
    • Suppose I'd better bring a cloth with me then.

      Ho- hum.
  • P.S. I go away for a few days, come back and you're calling us f*cking dwarfs :-)
    • Rlmao!

      Sorry Mic.

      Are ye sure it's Hughie?
    • Alex, I'm not a 100 % sure but I was looking at the build and I don't want to start fights but John was slightly larger than the average bear ha,ha - sorry John. Just got you're email, I will reply to it later as I'm rushed off my feet just now. Get you later.
  • Hi Bashful Paton here, whit are ye trying to say cause there was 7 boys in our family we were like the 7 dwarfs (little people or vertically challenged - whatever ye want to call it). Shugie's about 5' 6" now cannae remember what height he was then. I think it's Shugie in the picture (sorry Alex - you better get your polishing cloth oot).
  • You are not making this sound good here Alex. Shug was smaller than both of us, but I would not exactly say he qualified to be an extra in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Or should I change that to the Seven Vertically Challenged People ha ha.
  • I dont remember the Patons as midgets ... lol
    • That's politically incorrect you bampot, it's 'little people'
    • Hughie is smaller than me, and I'm only 5"8.
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