I dont know if this has been discussed on here before, but has anyone got mod style tattoos ? i know tattoos dont really fit into the mod style, but i made the BIG mistake of having an 'x's name tattooed on my back just under my neck,a few years back, what a fool...and need it covered up, and dont want any old design that doesnt fit in with my life, ide like to get a 'mod' themed or inspired tattoo done, but something original...whats the stance on tattoos here...oops, 4got to mention i have a tribal leopered tattoo on my arm was a strange time i was going thru...oops !

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  • Hi all,

    Got a Northern Soul Fist Of Faith circle and Keep The Faith round the edge, on my top left arm, and below that the MOD insignia .

    Also a colourful Vespa wasp on my right arm with the VESPA word below it. Looks really good and had lots of positive comments made about it.

    I think it all comes  down to personal choice, and take your time when deciding on what to have. 

    • well done.  Hope it is received positively

  • if you are serious about being a mod, any tattoo should reflect this. Such as the RAF roundel, or the logo of a famous mod band  A suggestion not as silly as it sounds, write to Roger Daltrey and have him sign it.  Seriously.  I bet he'll be in it for a publicity stunt, or one of the Quadraphenia crew

    Maybe a few could get it done to publicize your mod crew?

    Preferably, don't get a tattoo, but if you do, get something that reflects traditional " moddom "

  • lol

  • Derek, I lived opposite the Boston Manor Hotel just up from the Red Lion in the late 90s before moving to Windmill Rd in Northfields. Yeah, I know both those places. Are you still in Ealing now? I am in Norway now but have fond memories of my time there and still pop over to eat in Monty's on Northfield Ave when I'm in town.
    • Graeme

      No we live in Iver, Bucks now, only go back to Ealing to my barbers in Sth Ealing road, still have family there though,  I know Windmill Rd well, and Monty's  is getting quite famous now, they also have one in Sth Ealing Rd.

      Bit different from Norway !

    • Bill

      You lived opposite the Flies Home ? Yes it is Andy's he is still there and still not spent a penny on the place,  been going there since I was about 6 only gap was when I was about 15-17  to go to a real ' face' if ever ther was one, a hairdressers in west ealing, there was a a guy there who knew how to cut a proper mod style and mate he always looked the dogs danglies,

      I have always said there is no such person as a 'face' but he may just be it.

  • I know the shop well, I once lived on Boston Rd. Never been in there but he is a very highly regatded tattooist apparently.
    • Graeme

      You lived on Boston Manor ,how long ago ?

      your almost a neighbour, I have some family in Townholme crescent but most of our mob lived in Shirley Gardens Hanwell, dont know if you know it but many years ago  even the Police would not venture down that cul-de-sac, My lot are even mentioned in The Krays book as being 'The Mad Ealing Mob' makes me feel famous he he

  • Yep, had a few done when I was 14 ( same year I got a membership card at the Flamingo ) by our local guy in his bedroom, we used to wait in the hallway and go up and get it done, totally illegal at our ages but who cared ! a few years ago took one of the daughters to get a small tattoo done at a studio in Hanwell W7 and guess what, it was the same guy, his daughter is now the main tattooist,

    My other daughter has 2 full sleeves ! I tried to advise her against it but to be honest it looks great, made me think about having a half sleeve even at my age, been designing it in my head for years to include the theme of motown,clubs and some Ska/rocksteady,

    Go for it, it's your body, you dont have to show them off, I think Tattoo's are a very personal thing.

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