The Commitments

I love this film even though its not mod, its just about the music. Andrew Strong plays a good part but i was just wondering who was your favorite character in the film. i was going to make the question who was your favorite Commitmentette but that would leave out the female members. I must admit I do have a thing for Bronagh Gallagher (Bernie). I think shes well hot! so come on who do you like?

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  • You mean Angeline Ball who played Amelda. By the way she's still a stunner as are all the girls
    • imelda quirk she s a big RIODE
  • I need to see this film, funny enough it was mentioned at the weekend by a friend in a scooter club and he could not believe that I had never saw it, must have a look in Amazon and pick one up.
    • The blonde singer with the perm, deffo a hottie in the early 90s !
  • shes such a lady in this ,,their playing here on paddys night
  • absolute fantastic film.

    full of great lines. "I'm black and proud" :-)

    Joey "The Lips " was my fav, when he landed on the honda motorbike







    • Love the film, and as John said, full of great lines. Roddy Doyle is a brilliant author.

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