The down side to these Mod nights Out.

A crowd of us all met on Friday night for a few beers before going down to Friday Street in Glasgow. There was a big contingent in Babbity Bowsers pub and the chat and company was brilliant. Belle and Geo Clark were along for the first time and it was great to meet up with Belle after such a long time.

The down side to all this great company is that you never get a chance to talk to everyone for any decent amount of time. By the time we had went down to the club the chances were reduced due to the music being so loud, and also being so good that you just want to dance.

So cheers to all the great company from the other night there, and to Jan for putting up with my dancing. Next time around can people be just a wee bit more boring so it would be no odds if I don't get the chance to talk much.

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  • Yes, its a complete pest to be honest Paul. The scooter is in the repair shot at Glasgow Lambretta just waiting on the nod to go ahead and bring it back to its former glory. But when lawyers become involved (at the insurance company's behest) you are all but guaranteed it will not go smoothly.

  • Cheers Paul. I am fine mate, just a few bits of bruising around the top of my leg and sides. The scooter will be fine to repair too so all considered could have been worse. The bad part is now dealing with all the hassle with claims and insurance, and that is despite the woman holding her hands up and having a witness to events.

  • no not u Paul


  • Thanks for the mention chris,i totally agree with what you said,there was a few old friends there ,so many questions to ask,so many people to ask after ,and of course the music WAS very dancable ( if thats not a real word it should be ) I never did get round to fitting it all in.I was gutted when the lights went up........, ah well, i will just have to go back every month until i run out of questions or my feet fall off !!!!

    • Thats one of the reasons why we like to go to Babbity's before Friday Street Belle. At least you can have a talk there and catch up with things. Once you are down at the club its a lot more difficult, either that or I am going corned beef ha ha. Well the good side of it is that we can indeed meet up again on the 28th of this month and have another great night out.

    • Small Paul , you should take a visit to Friday Street in Glasgow, or Afterglow in Belfast for a night out, if you dont wanna call them Mod Clubs, call them Clubs that Mods frequent.

    • That's more like it Marty. We were talking about tackyness the other day and the way the scene was heading. There was a DJ in the discussion who said he played to the audience and we asked him what he meant. He said if someone made a request for, or he thought someone might like Oasis he play some for them. To me, that's not mod, it's commercialism which one of the reasons the scene fell apart in the 60s.

      I realise that by it's very nature, the scene is adaptable to change but there seems to be some kind of mass uniform developed e.g. a FP polo and a "Weller" haicut, what the hell's all that about? There seems to be very little originality around these days and I feel that people are trying to secure some idea of a set goal, the holy grail if you like, rather than showing initiative. By all means people should look at what people are wearing and get some ideas but copying people precisely .... well, it's bit uuurgghhh ! isn't it? If people want to look like everyone else, that's their business but at times it's like being in some sort of club, might as well wear a club tie or something. I can't imagine anything worse than seeing a hundred plus people in parkas. I guess it all boils down to personal perception in the end but people should be themselves.

    • What a revalation Paul. Up until now no one had really thought about looking for clothing that looked great and original. Most people had always thought that parkas, dessies, sta press, and freds were all you had to buy to make you a perfect Mod. Where have we been going wrong clothes wise, and what clubs are worthy to attend ?

    • Class Chris and there was me trying to be nice, right I'm off to get my 1980s knitted Cycling top and I'm off out to replicate fashions that vibrated years before I was born...hahahahahaha

    • Staying one step ahead always trying that extra 10% to look different is what it is and should be all about. By all means buy the latest fashion take it home and alter it in the smallest way that others will notice is the whole point behind the cult/movement/lifestyle. "Idon't wanna be the same as everybody else" said young James Michael Cooper and its true you don't have to be ! Show originality and everyone will respect you for it. :o)

      Its the old round peg square hole syndrome why fit in if you can do it better smarter and wiser. In the same breath we shouldn't knock young people for trying its a learning curve and it is hard to step away from the group and try to do it on your own.

      Fashion changes like music styles change its staying the one step ahead and not being drawn in that makes you what you are...

      Hope that made some sense to someone Bo)

      oh and I used to get a french crew cut when I had hair weller stole it from us hahahaha


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