• I love the song, and the video's great aswel, I couldnt believe it the first time I saw it on tele, this could help kick-start a new Mod Revival.
  • Brilliant Video Stevie, and the song was actually fairly good, I thought. It does not get any cooler than driving around the streets on a lovely summers night on a Vespa or Lambretta with all the proper gear on.
    • i can confirm that at least some of the people taking part in the video are indeed mods - as i remember seeing them at Le Beat Bespoke and then again at the Buckingham Palace Ride Out.
    • They most certianly look the part Stevie, and the scooters look absolutely stunning. I am not sure what is the most stunning right enough, between the scoots and the girls. I suppose if the girls look as good as the scoots after 40+ years they will be doing well.
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