We have had various lists about what we like but this is the very first record you ever bought, not a mod one if it wasn't one. Be honest and let's see what comes up.

My first record i bought for myself with my own money was ISLANDS OF DREAMS by the SPRINGFIELDS ( including Dusty ) late '62 / 63

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  • The Beatles - Hey Jude  LP 1974,   i was 11 Years old, can't forget

  • The Who  "My Generation" LP and The Small Faces "Sha La La Lee" a compilation of the Deccayears! The year? 1982 . Where? By mail order, like lots of my firsts LP's (Pretty Things, Them, Creation...).  EXCITING MOMENTS!!!

    • Great choices

  • June 1967 I recieved my first record player for Kindergarten graduation, I was 6 years old.

    My first LP was "In The Miller Mood" by "The Glenn Miller Orchestra", my Dad picked it out. ;)

    The record player was a little orange DECCA suitcase style.Both the LP & the record player

    were purchased at a discount store called, ""Big N".That little record player opened up a world

    of music for me. 

  •  My first album i bought myself was a blues sampler on Topic Records featuring Lightnin Hopkins, Brownie McGee, Sonny Terry and Big Joe Williams, still got it but scratched to bits

    • same age as me then Duncan.  I think the first album I owned was a compilation, I can't really remember the first album by a group I bought, may have been The Specials first album.

  • First record I bought with my own money was The Boomtown Rats - "I Don't Like Mondays", in 1979 from a market stall in Coleraine, N. Ireland.

  • just out of interest does anyone know what you called the plastic bit that used to pop in and out of the single records? you needed it for the record to spin

    • funnily enough we called them record centers - vital when you used the auto-changer on your gramophone and wanted to play american imports!

    • Ooooh! good question gem. I don't know but I usually bought them in a sleeve like this:Anyone out there remember these?

      The first record I bought was the Jam's Just Who's the Five O'clock Hero which was a Poppex.

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