That the last Jam Studio album was released by Polydor. (12th March 1982)

What do we think? Is it a fitting tour de force for the Jam to end their careers?

It certainly had more soul elements with funk bass lines and wah-wah guitar.  And a rip off of a famous Northern Soul song So Is the Sun.

As we know shortly after that the band had disagreements and PW split, forming TSC with Mick Talbot, an accomplished musician who complemented his developing taste in all aspects of music.



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  • Ripped off? I prefer "re-invented".

    • if you missed that R4 stereogram show about the musician and songwriter mr weller and his gift album from the past its on listen again on the i player .

      thats assuming you have the internet which you must have or you wouldnt be reading this .

      anyhows in the rip off merchants list led zep werent mentioned

      so i'm mentioning them

      [ always thought george harrison was a good sport for not suing over start when it sounds so much like taxman and yet he got done for my sweet lord 10 years before by phill specta whose in prison now of all places ]

      [ so he's a wrong un ]

  • Never played The Gift anywhere near as much as All Mod Cons or Sound Affects but it was a good way to bow out with a number one album and many pointers towards the future.. Running on The Spot & Carnation were was always my favourite tracks off this album..

    • Yep  there was that prog on BBC 4 last week re PW- I missed it but the reports are goodI quite liked Circus (the instrumental but somehow I do not play the thing! Also PW ripped off So is the Sun a northern soul belter for some reason.

      • Weller's ripped off load's of song's LOL.

        As did The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The High Numbers, Small Faces etc'...etc'...

  • I am going to go for Running on the Spot as the defining song on this.  I guess I am over familiar with Malice etc.

    • The first album I ever bought, not bad taste for a 9 yr old lol!

      'And now for those of you watching in black and white, this one is in technicolour '

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