The mod generation photographers thread.

It seems to me that being interested in things mod and being creative goes hand in hand. A lot of people I know from the scene, personally as well as over the internet, seem to be into things like design, art, music etc - either professionally or as a hobby.

So, I figured there ought be others on here who, like me, are into photography? I´ve been carrying a camera with me as good as everywhere since my early 20s and also run a small photographybusiness on the side of my "normal" job.

Therefore I decided to start this thread where we can share photos, websites etc with each other - for inspiration as well as criticism.

To start thing off, heres a link to my professional webpage:

And here´s one to my photostream on Flickr, where I post more personal stuff:

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  • I thought I´d make an attempt to start this thread off again since it´s always good fun to see other peoples photos - no need for them to be of proffessional quality or anything!

    So, just to get things started again, here's a link to a set of some pic I took at a Mods vs Rockers do in Stockholm a few weeks ago. For those of you allergic to parkas I´d like to issue a warning though - there are quite a few of them in the pics. As well as leather clad bikers. ;)

  • Great idea for a thread, although not photography I thought I would stick up my portfolio as you mention design, I've just finished uni so not a massive amount of professional work as yet, but hope to be adding more soon.

    • A very, very good looking site Ben. And your work is great! I´m also loving the subculture timeline, but everything on there was really good.

    • Ah! The memories, HND/Degree Graphic Design exhibition, port folio sat, laid to bear for all to see.

      Your Illustrator skills in full affect here Ben... I like it.

      Good luck ; )

    • I like this thread, Ben awesome project Subculture Timeline would look great on my living room wall ! Cant for the life of me see where you got the inspiration from ! A promising career awaits.

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    • Thanks you guys!
      It´s not that reallya job really least not anymore. I did it fulltime for about two years, but realised that being my own employer really wasn't my thing so now I just do assignments on the side of my regular job in the field of socialpsychiatry. Usually only about 5-10 assignments a year, so these days it´s more like hobby that finances itself than a job. ;)

    • Cant fault you.

    • Running your own business means working basically 24/7 365 days a year...especially in photography where the competition is so hard. I just felt that it was not worth it, especially since I have a degree in bahavioural science that I did not use. Plus, you loose sight of the creative aspect of things when you do it for a living, which is what turned me on to photo originally.

      Doing it on the side is perfect for me, since I can stick to the assignments I find fun and inspiring and turn down the rest!

    • Retail is no different Ronnie, especially when your balancing online and bricks anf mortar aspects to the business. It sounds like a great idea to turn a hobby into a business, but in reality your hobby ends up being hard work.

    • Exactly! And that kind of kills the hobby in a sense...I stopped taking photos for myself almost completely during the years I did it full time, and that´s just not right.

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