• As well as working on his own website ( ) Kurt has been adding blogs items here (click the BLOG tab at top).

    For a young guy Kurt has obviously done a lot of research on the mod scene and it's great that he is adding a perpective on the scene from the eyes of a 17 year old.

    Thanks Kurt!
    • Thanks stephen, it's just a great thing to be a part of and I wanted to help others become a part of it too, something I've done a lot of and hopefully will carry on doing for a while.
  • Great site mate, really enjoyed it. All the best.
    • Thanks guys, I spent many an hour of my life working on it, just glad to see people appreciating it, spread the word :D
      Keep The Faith
  • Your site is cool Kurt ,great to see all you young Mods doin your thing ,keep up the good work mate. cheers, Algie.
  • On second thoughts Kurt don't put any of them near your Top Mods section. It could lead to a Tears for Fears revival and it was torture enough having to listen to them in the 80s without having to go through it again ha ha.
  • I think you should go for Curt Smith Kurt, the other one sounds like one of Ali Baba's 40 thieves.
    • Lmao true true, I'll do it tomorrow though, i haven't got the patience to be uploading photos at the moment.
  • I really couldn't say Kurt, but Coiley will probably suggest that guy that used to be in top Mod band Graduate ha ha.
    • Would it be Roland Orzabal or Curt Smith?

      I've done a quick bit of research haha

      And thanks for the comments guys, glad to see you're enjoying the page
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