The mod style returning?

Hi everyone

Im nearly 25, and have been into the mod scene since I was 16. Ive noticed more recently(past 2 years) that the mod style, has become more popular. I don't know whether this is the case that more younger people are actualy calling themselves mods and in turn dressing this way, or rather it is the indie cross-over, but the influx of the style has become more noticeable for me in the past few years.... I wondered if anyone agreed/disagreed and any thoughts on this?

This is my first post here, seems like a great site! cant believe I have only just discovered it!



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  • 17 Year-old mod here, there's loads of us about, just we're spread thin. Sticking to our roots, but adding our own style. We're probably more unique than the 80s revivalists if im honest. Keep on keeping on

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    • Claudio is top class! Two DNA trousers in the post to me!
    • Cheers for that Frames; that now leaves me nothing to wear at the weekend ha ha
  • My two daughters 9 and 10 both have fishtail parkas with mod badges on their parkas and like listening to my kinks and who collection :') well some of quadrophenia is off limits to them



    • oc course my youngest used to like Jedward and so what would you recommend then LoL?

  • You almost had me, but I pulled out at slip on shoes with tassles, a great cultures fopar in my opinion.…

  • Fully agree with Dave Davies post !

    • Maybe fashion trend which I am sure will change but no harm in it better this than seeing young yins in trousers were their backsides are showing. Or even worse the lovely look of the track suit
  • An interesting point is that fashion dictates much of what Joe and Josephine public wear.  And the tide is turning against the more skinny 60s look after many years.  The main influencers on fashion design - the superbrands such as Prada and Armani have all sent models down runways for the their new collections with double breasted jackets, power shoulders and baggier pleated pants.

    So as other posters have said Sean the public will buy an approximation of mod when it is in fashion, as it no doubt has been. The future is less certain, as what is "in" as perceived by the public is set to change from the Mad Men thing.

    I only point this out as there has been a meeting of mod style and fashion in recent years - now the two are set go take different paths. I am sure there are many on the site who could not care less though and will stick to what they know. As we know style is always in fashion, whilst fashion itself will change.

    Personally I dread the baggy look - see above. !!!

    • Soft shouldered Italian suiting has never been so popular, I can't see that changing any time soon and DB (soft shouldered) have been sitting in retail next to 2 button fronts and 3/2 suits for a couple of years now. Depends on the aimed market of course but where I work I would say the 25-50 year old man who has an eye on fashion is really only going for soft shoulders and flat front trousers but in business the anglo shoulder still rules. Older men or men outside of work who just want a good but no thrills suit may go for pleated front trousers, depends on their weight as a rule but not always. They almost always go for a padded shoulder.

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