The Mod summer of 63

This hot summer takes me back to 63 and Mod was coming to a peak . It was one of those magic moments in time that can never be repeated - you just had to be there !Off the tube ( stand up ; watch your creases ) into Soho and a scotch and coke in French Pub then strut down Windmill St nodding approval and acknowledgement to guys whose style stood out . Into the Kontact sandwich bar , coffee to wash down a couple of bombers and a little Rufus Thomas on the box , yeah jump back baby it's nearly time to make the scene . Feel the chills starting to rise as your mouth seeks a rhythm to chew along to. You turn the corner and in the unique heat of a London summer Saturday Ham Yard is ready and waiting . A sea of style and elegance , men and mohair in perfect harmony . Mohair, suede , kidskin shoes , silk socks , Italian basket weaves , sea island cotton , discreet gold cuff links and tie tacks and for some the scent of subtle cologne . For a minute you pause and survey your world . You are not only as good as anyone ; you are better ! You are 18 in the capital of the world and you are a Mod !! Time to go . You glide through the crowd and head into the dilapidated cellar that is the Scene ! Guy Stevens is sitting on his box and looking mischievous , who knows what he'll play. " where are you going later" your mate asks . Who knows . Flamingo , the Discoteque , the Whiskey even the 20s ! Who knows that's for later a night time away. Right now the record you've been waiting for roars out " Got love if you want it" oh yes . Time to dance!!

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  • Being a 21'st century 16 y/o mod, I loved reading this. Well written, and a great story! Thanks mate! Wish I grew up in the 60's!

    • This is your 60s my friend ! Make it work for you . Just remember one thing , to me the secret ! Style in everything , your style ! You can't lose ! Be lucky .
    • Thanks for that mate! Nothing but respect for you!

  • There were always scoots about but in the early years I don't remember rows of them up West . Mainly I think because people tended to be more clothes conscious . Also parking in the west end was tight plus the tube was a great way to travel ( especially when you were blocked !) from 63 onwards scooters be came more prominent and out of the west end a lot of people rode them daily . Early scooters were very simple and fairly laid back but became more ornate as time passed . This is my recollection but it was 50 years ago . Lots of early guys didn't own scooters at all.if you had a few quid minis were popular. My regular mate and I had a triumph herald .
  • Steuart - do you or any of the other originals remember many scooters on nights out? Like were there rows of scoots outside The Scene or Mingo etc on the weekend or did people leave them at home, maybe due to being pilled up?

  • Yeah he owned them both . I believe he's still around . Working for Mecca I was usually back to work Sundays but my favourite chill out place was Southend . I had mates in Battlesbridge and we'd meet up in Kursaals . I had a mate rode the wall of death there . Not a rocker but that's what he did . We had some laughs then back to town.
  • You must be talking about The' Wheel ! I'll stay out of that one Ha Ha . We went to Brighton , a club called The New Barn for an all nighter in a couple of minis . Amazed we got back , as you say death traps . I had a Herald .
  • I don't remember too many problems in the West End but it could get interesting on the tube back to Fulham . You might also remember Pete Stringfellow bringing a coach load of " tourists" down from his Black Cat club . As I recall north / south relations were given a serious setback that night .
    Soho 1- 0 Sheffield !
  • East London Mate, My family is from Hoxton but I have lived in Stepney,Leytonstone and back to Shoreditch. I now live in North London. Not that it matters much, the game is up in the London I knew. Hoxton is N1 but we didn't think of it as North London.

  • Welcome to Mod Generation Dave. When you have been on here a little longer, I think you will conclude that I am quite capable of saying what I think.

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