• Oh yes, we've had this and other variations before... but let's face it, one can't see it often enough! :-)

    • Aren't we all just merely Faces of the In Crowd, anyway?! ;-) :-D

      At least that what I tell myself... unless I've been deluding myself all this time. I may need some more assurance.

  • I don't have a photograph to post, but I was thinking about some of the five minute fashions that somehow became identified with mods. They were mostly summer styles, lightweight throwaway stuff. So, picture this: bloke walks into a club full of mods; he's wearing a porkpie hat, red and white checked tab collar with a mustard yellow suede tie, all tucked into a white sleeveless V-neck. Over this he is wearing a multi-coloured Madras jacket. Then, a pair of Levis, turnups out, white socks and a pair of gooseshit green Hush Puppies. Over his arm he has a Pakamak. Anybody worried about losing their girl to this bloke?

    • Spontaneously something along these lines comes to mind...

    • Hahahaha! That's exactty it. This guy stole my girl. And I thought I was so cool...

    • All those mirrors, must be like driving a wardrobe with the doors open :o)

    • If he claims he didn't see somebody in the blind spot, it's a lie obviously, hahaha!

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