• 3836027994?profile=RESIZE_710xLast night at the gig I saw somebody ACTUALLY WEARING THESE! Together  with a Parka that wouldn't leave room for any more patches.

    I asked my mates to tear out my eyeballs immediately out of my Soul but they just wouldn't...

    • ... out of my skull, that was supposed to read, btw...

    • The eyes are the window to the soul Kai; Freudian slip‽ 

    • Autocorrect rather than old Sigmund, Steve! ;-)

    • Think these from the same range may be slightly worse Kai. 

    • Yes, but the crucial thing was to actually see somebody actually wear them, clearly thinking of them as being very 'Mod', Steve.

      Kind of traumatic; maybe I'll have to consult a specialist about it...

    • I am a psychologist :-)


    • We need to talk... :-°

    • It has been proven that the best therapy in such cases is to drink some Beer and Gin&Tonics to make the traumatic memories fade away.

    • Thanks for your professional advice, Martin. First drink's on me when we meet in person. 

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