• After your fight at Brighton Beach, may I suggest you spend a night at Hotel Pelirocco... in their Modrophenia Room?!?! This is also at Brighton! Guess, I could stay there when I go to the Weekender. I'm hoping for the year 2020.

    • Wow.
    • This is my dream bedroom...
      when was 14 MG. Just brilliant.
    • Are you sure? I mean, Modculture told us about this one years ago??

    • Oh what a tastefull colour combination! The decorator was blind, I suppose!?
    • Must be Lambretta riders! They abused two Vespas to use as bedside boxes...

    • Dreadful.

    • I like best how in the Soul Supreme room they placed the Motown cushion upside down; probably assuming it should be a "W", haha!

  • Talkin Bout My Generation...Socks that Suck, Available from Old Guys Rule Surf Shops...There is one in Brighton! Enjoy!!! ADVISE NOT TO WEAR WIV SANDALS IF U BUY A PAIR, Even for Comedy/Surf Use LOL!

    • Well, Michael's birthday's not until July, and my best mate Bazza on here has his b'day in December one week before Xmas. Guess I'll be doing some more shopping then. Yeah. Right.

      Just another one of the very few and rare moments you thank the Mod Goddesses that you are a Mod Goddess, and not a Mod God. Sorry, guys! Still love you all!

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