• This is seriously the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It makes no sense in any way at all.
      So many questions...
    • Well, it talks of "fine" and "intricate detail", that's just what mods are into, right? Will try to get one asap!!!

      Honestly who buys such stuff I wonder...!?

  • After your fight at Brighton Beach, may I suggest you spend a night at Hotel Pelirocco... in their Modrophenia Room?!?! This is also at Brighton! Guess, I could stay there when I go to the Weekender. I'm hoping for the year 2020.

    • Wow.
    • This is my dream bedroom...
      when was 14 MG. Just brilliant.
    • Are you sure? I mean, Modculture told us about this one years ago??

    • Oh what a tastefull colour combination! The decorator was blind, I suppose!?
    • Must be Lambretta riders! They abused two Vespas to use as bedside boxes...

    • Dreadful.

    • I like best how in the Soul Supreme room they placed the Motown cushion upside down; probably assuming it should be a "W", haha!

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