• It's my birthday soon, come to think of it... :-)
    • What you hoping to get for your birthday then Kai ?

    • Why , meerkats on scooters of course, haha!
    • I am sure all your wishes will come true Kai, and your good missus will buy you a model of the Mod meerkat driving an auto scooter in a tasteful paint job ha ha
    • Well, I'm his "boating blazer" missus, and he's go two choices...

    • It seems Weller is in his PJs scooting off to bed.

      Good night Weller, good night.

    • NO There's More!!!....Not seen them offering these beauties Free if U purchase Scooter Insurance with whichever company uses these Advertising MeerMODCats!!! 

    • Wow, Bec, these are brilliant! :-D

    • They are both so good its virtually impossible to choose MG. If push to shove I would go for the meer on the white scooter. Firstly he is not wearing pyjamas like that bloke from the Boomtown Rats, and secondly his scooter is not quite as naff ha ha.

    • But the left one says MOD 1, so it's kind of essential I suppose, Chris...!?

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