• There you go again boosting you have friends though I can relate to getting naff gifts just because people think they are mod. Young guy in work gave me a shirt that you wouldn't Polish your shoes with. Just because it was a Ben Sherman blue pink and green stripes with buttons half way up arms to tie up sleeves and to top it all black patches on shoulders
    • I know what you mean about relatives, my in-laws bought my missus that stupid bear scooter which I hate and it's on a shelf in the living room. Last week she snapped the legs of my steve mcqueen model while dusting. That bear is going to come to a bad end!
    • Mods are cute, it'smeerkats and bears that are annoying.
    • Always found you cute and cuddly kind of guy frames.
    • It's my birthday soon, come to think of it... :-)
    • What you hoping to get for your birthday then Kai ?

    • Why , meerkats on scooters of course, haha!
    • I am sure all your wishes will come true Kai, and your good missus will buy you a model of the Mod meerkat driving an auto scooter in a tasteful paint job ha ha
    • Well, I'm his "boating blazer" missus, and he's go two choices...

    • It seems Weller is in his PJs scooting off to bed.

      Good night Weller, good night.

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