• Don't miss this exclusive and class garment when Christmas comes around this year!

    • What you could wear underneath your jumper, I offer this this t-shirt from eBay with the following motif...


      Twiggy was considered a "Queen of Mod" wasn't she?!?! Says so on my 1960s Twiggy board game that I bought almost 10 years back...

    • It has all the ingredients required for modishness. It has targets, union jacks, and a scooter. Can't see the issue here ha ha
    • Oh God, this is so wrong, hahaha!
  • King of Comedy!!! :-D

    • Very subtle

    • Two belters there Kai. Tough to say what one is the most cringeworthy. Even an ordinary member of the public looks like she feels embarrassed for him.
    • ... and the caption on the jumper was originally meant to be 'lock me in and throw the key away', Chris, hahaha!
    • I think if anyone bought one for any reason aside fron a wind up it would indeed be time to throw away the key Kai. Not quite as stark staring nuts as that leather coat thing but not far off it.
  • If Pete Townshend decides to go "Steampunk"...

    It will only cost you almost $5,000 AUD.

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