• Again, courtesy of Our Brethren over at Modculture...

    If we had something like that, but about Bodgies, Widgies and Sharpies - all unique Aussie subcultures - I'd be cringing, also.

  • I'm sure all the [British] Mods and Rockers will be wearing this today, being St George's Day...

    • Not really Bec's as that's the Union flag of Gt Britain but the St George flag of England for sure. Nice Scooter Boy jacket ;0) 


    • I know that Gaz, but as it has no blue for the Scots as part of the flag of St Andrew, it is [close] enough. Still happy to see the Union flag on the Aussie flag, though! ;-)
    • Well greasers maybe?
    • I just noticed the length of the zip on the arm. Long enough for their gauntlet-style gloves... ;-)

  • This thread is brilliant, the internet sure knows how to destroy a whole period of time. For an era based on fashion there are some shockers in here...

    I'm a Brighton local and recently they have the Snow Dogs around town, here is to Mod edition, not stupid so to speak but not the classiest either...

    Image result for mod brighton

    • It looks like something that might be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The newer parade floats are always quite ugly; a real eyesore.

  • Courtesy of our Brethren on the Modculture website...

    • Hippie killed the '60s! ;-)

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