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      Wrong - on all levels

    • Exactly. I really like Gabicci and even have some of their blazers, but why do they have to come up with such crap...!?
    • What's your view on them Kai ? I've came across a few at decent money but couldn't get an idea on length or quality ---been nervous since buying a hideous Adaptor check number ---that's never seen daylight .
    • Between Kai and myself on here - being the self-proclaimed King and Queen of the Boating Blazer - we know what we love and hate about boating blazers. Sadly, the lining for the above were just tragic and more for the Comedy Mod/Hipster out there. I do have my eyes on a few from Jack Wills on eBay at the moment. ;-)

    • Quality's fine, Scott; I do have this double breasted boater, which is a decent pattern compared to those above, as well as a burgundy one. Which, I think, I will take to Glasgow next month.

  • Again, courtesy of Our Brethren over at Modculture...

    If we had something like that, but about Bodgies, Widgies and Sharpies - all unique Aussie subcultures - I'd be cringing, also.

  • I'm sure all the [British] Mods and Rockers will be wearing this today, being St George's Day...

    • Not really Bec's as that's the Union flag of Gt Britain but the St George flag of England for sure. Nice Scooter Boy jacket ;0) 


    • I know that Gaz, but as it has no blue for the Scots as part of the flag of St Andrew, it is [close] enough. Still happy to see the Union flag on the Aussie flag, though! ;-)
    • Well greasers maybe?
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