•  I thought it was acceptable to wear this howler in Majorca for three summers 2002-2008 - Apologies to anyone that had their well earned break disrupted - id like to blame cheap whisky but that would be a cop out .

    • I remember seeing them in blue in TK MAXX years ago.
    • There was a who version that was equally as grim Carl.
    • It would be ok to wear it on the Bahamas, though... ;-)

    • Boom tish! ;-)

  • Who's up for one? Have your name on it- as individual as it gets!!! :-)

  • Lining of the latest Gabicci boating blazer...

    • Image result for vomit emoji

      Wrong - on all levels

    • Exactly. I really like Gabicci and even have some of their blazers, but why do they have to come up with such crap...!?
    • What's your view on them Kai ? I've came across a few at decent money but couldn't get an idea on length or quality ---been nervous since buying a hideous Adaptor check number ---that's never seen daylight .
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