• Gotta have the new Pretty Green parka... oh Liam, you just know what Mod's all about... :-)

    • Looks great, apart from the Beatles badge
    • I'm too busy saving up to see Macca later this year in Brisbane, I don't need style advice...
    • Give it another thought maybe, Bec; I'm sure Macca would be pleased to see the backside of this parka, featuring the Sgt Pepper logo, which, as we all know, was released in '64 :-D. Sorry, SR, even more Beatles badges. But then again the Gallagher Brothers were original members. Or so they think, ha ha ha!

    • And he needs the money. After all avarice knows no end.
    • Haha, that's what I was about to say, SR... 2000$ for the VIP Package??? I beg your pardon...
    • That's for the soundcheck and memorabilia, too. I'm saving for a $400 ticket...

    • No idea what that means in € or £, but it sounds an awfull lot...!?
    • At current rate, A$400 is £246. S
      I know I can spend that kind of money on clothes, but for a concert ticket, it's still a lot. :-(
    • I'm already going to wear the green apple print dress I got made 3 years ago for the 50th anniversary of Australian tour, that's enough green for me... I wish I had a lazy $2000 for the soundcheck VIP Package. I'm not going to either one of the Melbourne gigs. I am going to Brisbane on what would be John's anniversary - in Australia - on the 9th December.
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