• Spot on Kai. It would have been a great photo if it was PP Arnold on a tastefully done scooter, without the parka.
    • I'm sure she was coerced into that.
    • or maybe she thought it was a laugh, I think people read too much into these things.


    I do not apologise for it being set in Sydney... as I am not from there.

    • She's hot though.

      I assume that's an early 90's song?

    • It was. 1993.

      Not that I remember that being on telly...
    • I think she deserves a damn good thrashing ha ha
    • Yeah same here. She is very attractive and there are some nice scooters in the vid, but the song is not my cup of tea.
    • The singer or one of the scooters?

    • Definitely the scooter she is on. We could ask Basil Fawlty to come out of retirement and sort these Lambretta's out once and for all.
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