• You do not know what you are missing Kai. The only bad thing about it is the trousers the guy on the right is wearing.They are a terrible colour and god knows what is happening with the rolled up left leg thing, maybe a member of a strange secret organisation or something ha ha
    • His trouser leg seems to simply have caught up in his Chelsea Boot, Chris, which of course is the shoe of choice to go with such a parka :-) The girls seem to have stepped out of one of these dreadful recent 60s musicals... must say I didn't see any comedy in Glasgow either; suppose that's why I avoid the Brighton Weekender... :-D
    • Not even sure if they look like chelsea boots mate, possibly Leyton Orient boots ha ha. Tbh you are right that there are not that many of the comedy variety of Mods that show up in Glasgow. The Brighton weekender has grown enormously in recent years and I suppose there was always a good chance it would attract a few jokers and it would become a bit more diluted as a result. The downside to the Glasgow one ( and many others I assume) is that all sorts turn up for the scooter run out, everything from comedy Mods to scooterists on choppers, even someone on a four wheeled something.
    • In Linz we rarely got more than, say, 20 scooters, but the ones that do attend are class, it has to be said.
    • and nobody with ADIDAS design bodywork ?

    • Can see them parked outside Mchuills on a Saturday !

    • I can picture the Gallagher Brothers riding them in 1997! :-)

    • I know this might get me expelled, but I don't directly dislike them... :-)

    • I quite like Them too, although I heard Van Morrison can be a bit self indulgent ha ha
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