• No, not Who...Them ha ha
    • You like... Who again...!?

    • I would actually prefer a few dozen people turning up on proper scooters with decent gear to what we get in Glasgow now. I do not even bother going down on the Sunday afternoon any more.
    • Well in fact it wasn't THAT bad, Chris, haha! Of course, the more people take part, the more likely to have some crap among them. But by and large I enjoyed it again this year. No passionate scooter expert though, mind... ;-)
    • I saw a clip of it on youtube Kai and I cannot say that I regretted not being there.
    • ... while Alan, the Ladies and me couldn't be bothered to pay much attention to Dogtooths' performance on Sunday. Nothing like The Gene Drayton Unit the day before!  

    • Yeah, the Gene Drayton Unit were very good Kai. Dogtooth are not in the same class really.
    • Real Shocker there Kai....Awful

    • The guy on the left looks like he is taking a leak over the railings!

    • Hope he checked where the wind comes from, hahaha!

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