• Are they doing the version with the Christmas hat and snowflakes to go with the jumper.
    • F*** Xmas...
      It's my birthday next Friday and I want one... NOT!!
    • Oh, overlooked the final word... already ordered and shipped to Oz, Bec! ;-)
    • No problem... I'll just re-gift it to Michael for Xmas. It'll go well with his scooter, being old school (at 57) and all that. ;-)
    • It's just a bit of fun. You know, humour!
    • I can feel your envy Kai, but never fear I am sure Mrs A has her eyes on the ball and before we know it you will be showing off your prized watch on another post of the site ha ha
    • Watch this space on Dec. 25th, Chris, hahaha!
    • I am sure she will also get you the same parka so that it will all match perfectly ha ha.
    • It even says 'time for action' on the hood! Only when you put it on it stands on it's head... now if this ain't fun! :-D
    • Yeah I noticed that Kai. Maybe they should have went with 'One Step Beyond' ha ha
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