• So... how about spending a day in London with Nancy!?

    • yuk

    • Not sure if she is meant to be a Mod or a scooterist Kai. I suppose she is too slight to be a scootrist right enough.
  • Now I finally know what I want- no, NEED for Christmas! Time for a new watch!

    You wouldn't believe how many ladies are keen to get this jewel by Warrior for their "Mod hubby", according to their reactions on FB.

    Once again I can't help but stress how happy I am that the Comedy Mod phenomenon is virtually unknown in Germany... :-)

    • Are they doing the version with the Christmas hat and snowflakes to go with the jumper.
    • F*** Xmas...
      It's my birthday next Friday and I want one... NOT!!
    • Oh, overlooked the final word... already ordered and shipped to Oz, Bec! ;-)
    • No problem... I'll just re-gift it to Michael for Xmas. It'll go well with his scooter, being old school (at 57) and all that. ;-)
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