• Should I relieved that they - like Ben Sherman - don't do womenswear anymore?
    • who on earth sanctions these designs ?

    • The prospect of cash. Obviously enough people buy crap like this; the same ones that turn up at the Brighton mass weekender with "We Are The Mods" T-Shirts, I suppose...

  • Don't you just want it hanging on your living room wall! I'm so glad the Comedy Mod phenomenon is virtually unknown over here... ;-)

    • that is vulgar

    • I'm surprised they included an image of the Brighton Rock film remake in there, despite the fact Greene wrote the book in 1938!! Sheesh!! ;-)<br/>
      Fyi, I've read the book AND seen the 1947 original film starring Richard Attenborough as Pinky, the first Dr Who William Hartnell and Hermoine Baddely who would star as Ellen the maid in Mary Poppins.
    • Saw the new Brighton Rock; not impressed at all, apart from the wonderful Helen Mirren and John Hurt.

    • When I was in a scooter club, we went to the cinema IN Brighton (Melbourne) to see it... Yes, we were on scoots, too. :-( Not my idea of an enjoyable day out...
    • You do not know what you are missing Kai. The only bad thing about it is the trousers the guy on the right is wearing.They are a terrible colour and god knows what is happening with the rolled up left leg thing, maybe a member of a strange secret organisation or something ha ha
    • His trouser leg seems to simply have caught up in his Chelsea Boot, Chris, which of course is the shoe of choice to go with such a parka :-) The girls seem to have stepped out of one of these dreadful recent 60s musicals... must say I didn't see any comedy in Glasgow either; suppose that's why I avoid the Brighton Weekender... :-D
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