• I don't know where you can get them? There seem to be plenty of Buyers of Mod Tat in this Country! Also a lot of them are older people who should know better!!!...I am shocked almost Daily by some Posts and Items on a particular Mod page on Facebook where I saw the above Beauty! I stay on the Group to first hand witness some truly dreadful items/posts and occasionally there is some decent Scooter Pic posts! 

    • Which FB page would that ne, Steve? You got me curious now, haha! PM maybe?
    • I was going to say that I always thought people who were Mods had good taste. I suppose there were always a few examples of people getting it all wrong, maybe it is those punters now grown up who are the buyers of mod tat. I suppose at the end of the day it does not harm anyone but it always seems to be highlighted as what the mod thing is all about. I remember a Mod weekender in Ayr around seven years ago when one of the main Scottish newspapers did an article on it. The article was decent but sadly the front cover featured a guy sitting on his scooter wearing a union jack jacket.
    • I'm sure Gary Shail had it on his Christmas list! :-)
    • Quite rightly so Kai, he would have been nuts to miss out in such an offer ha ha
    • £20 ON EBAY

      Oh No Kai....I have seen that song and video to....Shocker!!! The Fleece is not a clothing is a Classy Throw for your favourite armchair/sofa...just what every Mod needs for Xmas to complete their Home Decor!

    • We are the armchair- Mods! :-)
    • Very Good Kai LOL!!!

    • Lovely!
  • No comment neccessary at all.

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