• Uh-oh, Steve, I had to quit that group right away again... much too much, haha! But not without taking this classic with me. The trouser leg and slipper though betrays that doggy's got much more style than its owner... :-D

    • I think I put that up on here years back... Made by Yap... :-(
    • Again....Kai....There are almost Daily Gems to Discover!!! I'm not into slagging off that's why I didn't name and shame and there is some Quality there!!!! Kai....Another Classic...The Dogs B*ll*X-Muts Nuts! Dunno if U are familiar wiv Cockney Rhyming Slang....This is one that reminds me of one of Ours-Made up One- Southend-Essex Mods(Sons of Cockney Geezers-Proper East Enders)

      Where's me.... Ronnie Barker=Parka    

    • Haha, quite appropriate, Steve!
  • Xmas Fleece...someone proudly showed off on FB

    • Where can I get one, I should like to have one just the same as that. Lol
    • There seems to be an endless supply of mod related crap for sale out there. Who exactly buys it is a total mystery to me as all the people I know who are into the scene would not touch it with a bargepole.
    • I don't know where you can get them? There seem to be plenty of Buyers of Mod Tat in this Country! Also a lot of them are older people who should know better!!!...I am shocked almost Daily by some Posts and Items on a particular Mod page on Facebook where I saw the above Beauty! I stay on the Group to first hand witness some truly dreadful items/posts and occasionally there is some decent Scooter Pic posts! 

    • Which FB page would that ne, Steve? You got me curious now, haha! PM maybe?
    • I was going to say that I always thought people who were Mods had good taste. I suppose there were always a few examples of people getting it all wrong, maybe it is those punters now grown up who are the buyers of mod tat. I suppose at the end of the day it does not harm anyone but it always seems to be highlighted as what the mod thing is all about. I remember a Mod weekender in Ayr around seven years ago when one of the main Scottish newspapers did an article on it. The article was decent but sadly the front cover featured a guy sitting on his scooter wearing a union jack jacket.
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