• Looking forward to meeting Carston Kai, if only to apologise for suggesting his band should have been called the Chocolate Starfish factory, which would have raised a few smiles here in Britain, if they toured here, also possibly got them a huge following here....Ha-ha.

    • OK no pub then, Chris!

    • Oh dear Mr S, you have now thrown a wrench in the works.

    • All you can do is watch them and judge for yourself Chris, it,s all about personal taste mate ;-)

    • Will see how the others feel about it Alan. Its not often we even consider going in to see a support band so this would be a departure. In saying that I have seen a few good support acts down the years so it is sometimes worthwhile. 

    • I used to think the same way Chris, always ended up missing the support bands, then found out that I had missed some really good ones too, in particular a band called Mo solid gold, who supported Ocean Colour scene. I managed to catch the last two tracks and instantly regretted missing their set. On the strength of the two songs I heard, I bought their one and only album, which in my opinion is very good, they were from Brighton if my memory serves me correctly.

    • I think sometimes we end up having too good a time in the boozer chatting to people we have not seen in a while and thus forego the support act Alan.The last time Weller played here there was a really good support act (cannot remember the name) and we ended up missing them. Good support acts I have seen include Billy Bragg who supported the Style Council on their first tour at the start of 84,  and Ted Hawkins who supported Billy Bragg at the Barrowlands around 85. I also remember a band called the Questions always supporting The Jam, and they were dire.

    • Cheers for the reply Kai. At the moment the pub is looking like the winner.

    • Their first EP was brilliant, first LP was ok, but I couldn't be bothered with anything afterwards. So, yes, I'd go for the pub! :-)

    • When in doubt go for the pub option so have to agree with you there mate.

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