• I thought they were great on the night SR, but to be fair, I had already downed a few beers before their set ;-)

    • Maybe they are as a live band, Alan; but their vinyl output has gone downhill from record to record imo. Then again the same is true for Jake Bugg, who's still a pleasure to watch perform.

    • I will take your word for that Kai, as I only have their first EP and it looks like that,s all i am likely to have....Ha-ha.

    • Don't know if you know them, but it reminds me a bit of The Creeps, a brilliant Swedish garage band that happened to be on FAB Records, the same German label as The Chocolate... Factory. ;-) I think they switched to Warner around 88/89 and, on records at least, the magic was gone. All too polished and professional. 

    • I have heard the Creeps mentioned once or twice Kai, but never heard any of their stuff, though the Chocolate factory material continues to intrigue me and make me want to hear it, can`t think why....Ha-ha ;-)


    • Haha yeah Alan... you'll meet the Factory's Carsten once you'll come down to Linz... but seriously, you just have to compare the Creeps LP covers before and after to see what I mean...

    • I don't think any of them would be into THAT kind of following, Alan, hahaha!

    • Looking forward to meeting Carston Kai, if only to apologise for suggesting his band should have been called the Chocolate Starfish factory, which would have raised a few smiles here in Britain, if they toured here, also possibly got them a huge following here....Ha-ha.

    • OK no pub then, Chris!

    • Oh dear Mr S, you have now thrown a wrench in the works.

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