• Looks like a plan Kai. Paul Weller is playing here on the 25th ha ha. On a slightly more serious note, the Strypes are the support act so the question is are they worth leaving the pub early to see ?

    • I'm flying in from the states for the show. Is there a meet-up before?

    • No there's no need to leave the bar for the Strypes 

    • Cheers. So far it is two to one in favour of giving the Strypes a bodyswerve.

    • Don't know Chris... gave them a miss the other week in Cologne.... Don't think they're that good anymore since they escaped their Mod-Dads' influences, hahaha... but you never know!

    • I seen the Strypes here last year, they were excellent, to be honest Chris/Kai ;-)

    • Saw the Strypes a couple of years back. For a supposedly pro band they were terrible. All fuzz and no style. Pub band at best 

    • I thought they were great on the night SR, but to be fair, I had already downed a few beers before their set ;-)

    • Maybe they are as a live band, Alan; but their vinyl output has gone downhill from record to record imo. Then again the same is true for Jake Bugg, who's still a pleasure to watch perform.

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