• Or a Hormones T-shirt, even if you have never had hrt ha ha

    •  I just hope to god they have not sold out by tomorrow.

    • Lovely! A must have for every fan!

  • Another offering brought to you by etsy...

    Tin Soldier not included... :-(

    • Ha ha ha! Great find MG. I can't actually get my head around this. Firstly from a design point of view, as a lamp, it's awful to look at and secondly, why has it a target on the front?


    • Welcome back Bobby!!

      I know what you mean. Aside from clothes - and other 'important' items - there's always some artisanal, hipster crap on etsy...

    • I know, it's been a while hasn't it. I do lurk you know but never really feel the need to post as much as I used to.


    • I don't blame you for that...

    • ... and why don't you, Bec...!? Because we're such boring company? Hi there Bobby, nice to see you; nice track selection on the other thread!

    • I have had a lot on - mentally - at the moment. Going through an unplanned stressful period. I lost what I thought was a loving and wonderful mateship with somebody who I thought was near and dear to me. No, it's not the death of somebody, but rather a death of a loving, trusting mateship... especially via SMS. Long story.

      You're not boring, Kai. ;-) None of you are... It's nice to have Bobby and Mr Ingram back...

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