• 3279561725?profile=RESIZE_710x3279562270?profile=RESIZE_930xSo Stella McCartney obviously did a new collection refering to her dad and his old buddies.The outcome is something so ugly even Liam Gallagher couldn't have made up. The Ringo cotton T shirt is yours for only 435 €!

  • I'm all for the androgynous look (Annie Lennox etc), but Thom Browne's latest 2020 collection... WTF??!!



    • This looks like some Thom Browne would do. 

    • Should've read better, it is.

    • These male models surely must be pissing themselves with laughter in the dressing room...!? Hence the nappies...

    • I doubt it. I'd wear the jacket, the tie and shirt... but the cod piece... puh lease! Not even the pumps, either!

    • Wtf indeed.  These stupid ideas are surely just to get headlines. NO ONE. will ever wear it in real life.

    • You'd be surprised SR! I have friends who are transgender AND transexual who wouldn't do stoop this low...

  • Rebel, rebel... as posted up by the Retro to Go website...

    David Bowie Mr Men t-shirts now available for kids

    Mr Men meets David Bowie collaboration! LOL! Yay or Nay?

    • I do like a Bowie, but I'd swerve that T. How you doing Becc x

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