• Apparantly it was very good...haven't seen it myself.

    • It was alright, nothing new really but a couple of great interviews, especially the Scene Club girls.

    • Hi Stevo
      I haven't got Sky and cant find any playbacks. Interested to know: Was it Wiggins interviewing the Scene Girls? Were they girls from the original 1960's and was there any footage of the Scene Club in Soho or was it another place?

    • Yes mate Brad interviewed a couple of original Scene Club girls and gained access to the venue, which is now re-opened and 5 decades.

    • Hi MG Crowd...Ive not been on for Ages....Soho Mod you can get a Now TV Free Trial for a Month(Then Cancel) This is wot I did on a Laptop. U can wotch the Quad40 and Wiggo on Mods on playback there- U aint missed much, Wiggo on Mods-The self proclaimed Celeb Mod looked a right Two n Eight-Badly Presented Appearance looked like  a Bearded Jesus at times Wearin Adidas sweatshirt Skin tight Jeans-Disgrace! Interesting about The Scene Club- Interview Sandy Sergant(Go Go Girl) A Club Regular and an X DJ...Thats about it...Poor Interview wiv PW at the End PW also sportin a Hiddeous TankTop!!! Quad stuff woz average except the Lauren Laverne-One woz Cringeworthy gettin the Actors to Read their Lines again from the Film.  

    • Thanks for the info on the Wiggins playback. I will check that out. Not sure what the prog said about Sandy Sargant, but I only vaguely remember her at The Scene. I think she would have been a bit older than me though. Sometimes midweek was a better time to go as it was surprisingly quiet sometimes, even though Guy Stevens was in charge! Club heyday was about 1963-65 by which time she had been a top dancer before marrying Ian McLagan from The Small Faces. I lost touch with Marriotts first drummer then for a while, after the mid sixties period, as many of the groups (bands) were playing the German club circuit, places like Hamburg and so on.
      As for Wiggo, I didnt like his constant denials about drugs in the package he received. A very elaborate route to take to deliver a package to him that he could have bought over the counter?

    • Sandy Sargant was interviewed just as a club regular with another woman, they were interviewed at Scene Club venue-Now called Solomons Bar...with a Guy who DJd there a couple of times playin Tunes.

    • As someone who actually has an MBE recpient in the family for her community work, I actually think he didn't deserve his Knighthood. He didn't do ANYTHING except win the Tour de France and think the fact that he is a Knight of the Realm has inflated his ego. I say that about any celebrity, even of The Beatles (one of my favourite bands when I got into the 1960s/Mod thing at 13). Musicians, actors, celebrities (unless they have above and beyond for their community aside from the household identity, don't deserve such accolades.

      Since his knighthood, he - alongside Martin Freeman, Lee Ingleby et al are not Mods, but rather poseurs du jour. It's unfortunate that those of you in Britain are subjected to such rot and these 'documentaries' from time to time.

      There is no expert on what is Mod or not as we have our own unique twist on it, but he is embarrassing...

    • Regarding Wiggins He probably did deserve his honours but that isn't really relevant to his claiming to be a Mod. He's a state and if he was ever remotely Mod he isn't now.

      I however disagree about Martin Freeman being just a poser. He is an actor, so it's hard to relate his characters with being Mod. However whenever you see him in his civvies he walks the walk. He'll never be a Face but he's smart and obviously tries hard to be one of us. He has nothing to gain by dressing up as a Mod without being one. I think he's a Mod and I as far as he's concerned he is one.

    • Agreed.

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