• He didn't do ANYTHING except win the hardest sporting event on earth? Aside from 8 Olympic medals including 5 Golds you mean???? Making him Britains most prolific Olympian ever???? Do you even comprehend the dedication that takes over the years? Of course he deserved his Knighthood.

      1. He did of course deserve his Knighthood, Stevo and I am a big fan of cycling, but in reality, he won the tour because of team orders, Brad was done for and Froome was as fresh as a daisy, Froome made a break and could have won the tour, but was bollocked by the team manager and told to wait for Wiggins as he was team leader, Froome swept the board since that day, winning 4 tour de France's and the triple France, Italy and Spain tours, in one year. But yes, can't take anything away from Wiggins with regards to his achievements in various cycling disciplines. But he is not really a Mod in my humble opinion, no self respecting Mod would change his appearance so often, ending up looking like someone from the Foo fighters. 
    • I don't think we were talking about his push bike adventures? It's his mod documentary credentials people are questioning. 

    • I was replying to a comment saying he didn' deserve a knighthood mate.

    • mod goddess just stated he didn't deserve his knighthood.

    • Indeed. Brad thought himself a mod a Few years back .Meeting Weller and getting a couple of suits. Before the scruffy beard,  earrings and tatts. 

      Now he wants to be social worker.

    • Re: comment about Wiggins meeting Weller. I know Weller has been mythologised in the Mod Revival, and I grew up during the Britpop/Cool Britannia music scene, but Weller would have been the same to Pete Townshend.

      I didn't know anything about the Mod Revival (in Britain or Australia which was based on the British) until I started going out to 1960s music themed nights about 14 years ago... Being an Australian Mod, I educated myself on the differences between the 1960s Aussie and British scenes also...

    • It's his honesty that I question, Snow. What was in the package? He needs to take ownership, before being given any authority as a social scientist etc. Just my two pence worth (old money) ...nice scooter though :)

    • Still a Mod at heart though, obviously... ;-)

    • Yes of course , if there is money to be made

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