• Brad would wear it.

    • Someone got paid to design that, and someone else signed it off for production. The mind boggles.

  • 3556596830?profile=RESIZE_930xWhat the hell's he got to do with it...!?

    • Apparantly it was very good...haven't seen it myself.

    • It was alright, nothing new really but a couple of great interviews, especially the Scene Club girls.

    • Hi Stevo
      I haven't got Sky and cant find any playbacks. Interested to know: Was it Wiggins interviewing the Scene Girls? Were they girls from the original 1960's and was there any footage of the Scene Club in Soho or was it another place?

    • Yes mate Brad interviewed a couple of original Scene Club girls and gained access to the venue, which is now re-opened and 5 decades.

    • Hi MG Crowd...Ive not been on for Ages....Soho Mod you can get a Now TV Free Trial for a Month(Then Cancel) This is wot I did on a Laptop. U can wotch the Quad40 and Wiggo on Mods on playback there- U aint missed much, Wiggo on Mods-The self proclaimed Celeb Mod looked a right Two n Eight-Badly Presented Appearance looked like  a Bearded Jesus at times Wearin Adidas sweatshirt Skin tight Jeans-Disgrace! Interesting about The Scene Club- Interview Sandy Sergant(Go Go Girl) A Club Regular and an X DJ...Thats about it...Poor Interview wiv PW at the End PW also sportin a Hiddeous TankTop!!! Quad stuff woz average except the Lauren Laverne-One woz Cringeworthy gettin the Actors to Read their Lines again from the Film.  

    • Thanks for the info on the Wiggins playback. I will check that out. Not sure what the prog said about Sandy Sargant, but I only vaguely remember her at The Scene. I think she would have been a bit older than me though. Sometimes midweek was a better time to go as it was surprisingly quiet sometimes, even though Guy Stevens was in charge! Club heyday was about 1963-65 by which time she had been a top dancer before marrying Ian McLagan from The Small Faces. I lost touch with Marriotts first drummer then for a while, after the mid sixties period, as many of the groups (bands) were playing the German club circuit, places like Hamburg and so on.
      As for Wiggo, I didnt like his constant denials about drugs in the package he received. A very elaborate route to take to deliver a package to him that he could have bought over the counter?

    • Sandy Sargant was interviewed just as a club regular with another woman, they were interviewed at Scene Club venue-Now called Solomons Bar...with a Guy who DJd there a couple of times playin Tunes.

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