The only Mod at a wedding!

Me and wifey have a family wedding coming up in October and as the title of the post says I'll be the only Mod there! So, I've been browsing for a new flute :-) got my eye on this one (link above)I know it's not bespoke or any such wallet busting designer names, but i have to stay in budget at the mo :-( Anyway the point of this thread is.... this suit is not a definate purchase..... yet. I thought it was an opportunity for you guys and ladies to put up some pics in your best suits, so i can get some more ideas in mind.Also seeing as i'm a new boy it will be a way of introduction! Please if there's already a similar thread, point me in that direction! As weddings are a great chance to get suited and booted also to outdo all the other suit & ties on parade, the more combo's of shirt, tie and suit colours i see the better! Ladies too, so my little lady can be drawn into the world of Mod!

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  • Try this one Chris. You can have your suit made according to your personal measurements and some individual details like plain or covered buttons and so on... Made in Thailand but delivery is really quick, too.

    I know, the name's a bit corny, but good experiences by MG members all around (myself included)...

    • Thanks Kai, I've seen the modshopping site and you're right, the Thailand thing put me off!

      But if it comes recommended by you guys... I will have a closer look ;-)
    • Had a jacket made and it was here in Germany within 10 days or so.
      There is a thread somewhere dealing with them, as we were all a bit sceptical to begin with. But as time went on, more and more people reported their positive experiences.
    • Yoox UK sometimes has a bargain or three to be had Chris, you have to shift though some not so cool looking stuff though. Make sure you get the suit with time to spare for alterations to be done. You should also check on ebay, you can narrow the search down to just what your looking for, style and size wise with the search options. Bargains in every bodies budget to be had on there. Good luck! And try not to outshine the groom!

    • Lol! Yeah The groom will be casting envious glances no doubt Harryboy!
      That's also a good point on alterations, didn't think about that.
      overtime next couple of weeks then! Swell the coffers and get it ordered.
    • That's a good turn around Kai, 10 days to make and ship half way round the world, can't knock that. Been having a look on there and like what i see indeed :-)
    • Two days delivery, believe it or not! Followed it open mouthed on the track and trace. .. That's DHL for you... :-)
    • Funny enough Kai I work for one of DHL's biggest competitors, in the UK anyway and yes it pains me to say they are catching up quickly!
    • So.... you decided on anything yet, Chris?


      Finally! Went for this one. Now for the shirt dilemma!
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