The Original Glasgow Scene Club

A long while ago, on another Mod site, some of us had a discussion about the original Glasgow Scene Club, and where excatly it was situated. We had more or less came up with West Nile Street but we were not sure if it was north or south of Bath Street.Anyway, I was looking at some stuff in the library archives to day, and by chance I saw a bit in an early 1965 newspaper on the court case about the door man being stabbed to death. The headline was 'Mod Club Murder: Three in Court' and the address of the club was given as 124 West Nile Street. I had a look to day, and there is nothing where that address once was. But I think it would have been more or less across from the city barbers, just up from the old Odeon cinema.

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    • Excellent poster Felonious, where did you dig that up from ?

  • I'm okay Andy, Mik Paton has now made a far worse ( I hope ) comment about Blackhill than mine, so they are heading off to his now.

    And thanks for the consideration mate. One tries to bring a bit of history and culture to proceedings and this is what happens. I was always hopeful that it would do at least slightly better than Angie's joke right enough. I'll have to put on my jokes about the three bits of string, and the one about the siamese twins. Or on second thoughts...

    The scooter is perfectly okay Andy. I know that for sure. It is also taxed and MOT'd until next summer, so I could do a runner if required.
  • I thought I should put a comment in Chris , this is to save you being the Norway vote at the Euro Vision Song contest

    Nil Points, You better get that scooter on the road quick , The Blackhill cultural appreciation society are not to happy with you and there is no safe haven at Baird St. Nic They are all volenteer community Bobbys and would run amile from they bad lassies you offended
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