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Well, the desiderable thing is always a gorgeousliy restored Vespa or Lambretta, but those mitic scooters are not easily available and in so many occassions one must restore an old one. To make things worse, no factory in the world produces them from many years ago. But there're some new models on the road that look really sharp and aren't neither Vespa nor Lambretta: they come from modern bike factories like Kymko or Honda. They have improved mechanical features, reasonable prices and a really good taste true look, perfect to customize at oneself's requirements. Wich are the coolest new scooters out of Lambrettas and Vespas?

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  • I ride a Kymco, while waiting for my Piaggio to be finished from repair. My scooter is just a mean of transpotation, that allows me getting from a to b, without getting my Clarks dirty. Just like the clothing We wear, the look has changed over time. I am a modernist, so I have no problem riding a non iconic scooter.

    Also, I rather use my hard earned money on clothing, than on pimping and repair.
  • When will the New Breed overcome their horror and fear of potentially owning a classic? Where does this come from? I just don't get it....

    Please enlighten me!

    Regards, F.
  • Oh God! and now I see Lambretta is producing items at UK! so you can buy a brand new one. Anyway, what about other options? or even, can be other options apart those two brands?

  • Hey men, the first hit straight on my forehead: Vespa actually has new scooter models, and keep on being as cool as ever. I want one. 

    • I believe that Paiggio have recently put out a new fleet of PX's to celebrate their 70th anniversary, Bernard. That would be my choice.

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