The perfect collar roll

Having recently received some M2M shirts purchased online, I was happy with everything except the roll of the collar.  I did make sure they had a  larger collar but it doesn't roll that well, decent for the price though.  I was wondering if theres any information I could use when ordering again to improve the collar roll.


I did notice that the gap between the plaquet and button for the collar wasnt as wide on my M2M shirt compared to other shirts i have and wondered if theres a standard measurement?  This is the measurements I'm talking about:-

Or is it simply down to the collar being fussed or not or unlined etc?  All of which I doubt the M2M online sites would change for specific buyers.





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  • Yeah, suppose it's worth try.

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    • I wondered if I asked them for a larger collar but to place the button slightly higher whether that would make it roll any better.

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