Having just noticed that the initiator of the latest "book" thread left the site taking the discussion with him, it's my turn again to revive it; being too important a topic to be dropped, imo.

Having finished "Get Carter" by Ted Lewis over the Holidays, I'll soon start with "Jack Carters Law", a prequel set in late 60s Soho.

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    • Yeah, I've heard mixed reactions. I've just started reading it myself off of a recommendation and with Sir Paul Smith and Tony Parsons giving it the thumbs up, it can't be all bad.

      As the saying goes "The older we get the better we was". And there's more than a few, myself included, that we can aim that at ;0)

    • Haha, true, Gary!
    • The nefarious netherworld regions of acid is a universal language ;0)

    • Haha, true, Gary; as far as I found out it seems there's actually no translation around...

    • It looks like I might need to get a course in speaking German eventually.

    • Haha, I'm sure an english version exists, Stan! ;-)
  • This is a great little book. And not written by me either !

    • Very useful, SR; got the german edition.

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