Having just noticed that the initiator of the latest "book" thread left the site taking the discussion with him, it's my turn again to revive it; being too important a topic to be dropped, imo.

Having finished "Get Carter" by Ted Lewis over the Holidays, I'll soon start with "Jack Carters Law", a prequel set in late 60s Soho.

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    • Read about this some time ago, Gary...!?

    • Yes, it's been on my want list for some time, after a heads up by Mr. Fricker. I finally managed to get a copy, with the book landing yesterday direct from Italia.



  • Now this one looks brilliant, too; Ronnie Woods diary of 1965, while he was a member of the Birds. Will start on it as soon as I've finished my current read!

    • Looks like a very interesting read. May well put it on to my Christmas list.
    • It is, Chris! If this is authentic, and I believe it is (original diary reprinted with additional comments from Mr Wood), it is really sensational!
    • Good find Kai. It does look like it would be very interesting and I quite like Ronnie Wood as a person, so I would like to think his writing would be notable. So many good looking books on here tbh, but that one along with the Mod one Gary is in will be top pf my purchase list.
    • Some cracking bookshelf fillers Chris. Always a good recommendation for all tastes on here, one of my favourite threads :0) 

    • You are not kidding Gary, some right crackers. The only issue is that I already buy too many records and too much clothes. If i add books to it the wife will have another breakdown ha ha
    • My wife has had that many breakdowns Chris, on account of my decades of the mod culture, that I've now joined the RAC mate ;0) 

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