Having just noticed that the initiator of the latest "book" thread left the site taking the discussion with him, it's my turn again to revive it; being too important a topic to be dropped, imo.

Having finished "Get Carter" by Ted Lewis over the Holidays, I'll soon start with "Jack Carters Law", a prequel set in late 60s Soho.

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  • Half way through this very entertaining account of second generation fun around Bristol.

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    • Great story Gary and it sounds like a fine way to pass a few hours. You never let us into the info on how much it cost, or is it too horrific to reveal without trauma ha ha

      • Yeah nice little anecdote, Gary! :-)
    • Only a fiver Chris. Considering the history and condition (ex/mint), a very good price... I think he let me have it at that because I knew the track and "someone with the letter P" was Lou Pride - I'm Com'un Home In The Morn'un. Who he said he saw live at the Marquee Club ;0)

    • That is a fantastic buy Gary. Great classic northern track too is that Lou Pride number.

  • My copy arrived today; will start on it asap.

    • Will let you know, Gary. Been a while since I read the first edition, but memories are rather positive.

    • I think that may be my next read Kai, just reading the cyclist Chris Froomes book at the moment.

    • Should be good, judging by the 2002 issue, Alan; seems like a lot worth adding has happened since then on the international Mod scene...

  • All about my favourite Turk (well, apart from the Missus, obviously...) and Atlantic Records. 

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