Having just noticed that the initiator of the latest "book" thread left the site taking the discussion with him, it's my turn again to revive it; being too important a topic to be dropped, imo.

Having finished "Get Carter" by Ted Lewis over the Holidays, I'll soon start with "Jack Carters Law", a prequel set in late 60s Soho.

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    • Ha, people are alway astounded by the amount of clothes I take away, even for an overnight stay; I maintain it’s all about having choices. 

      Hope you make it over Becs, sounds like you should make a case to be part of the exhibition- they had a shout out last year, asking people to submit clothes for consideration and inclusion.

    • Hoping to save for a ticket to the UK and go the exhibition, also Steve... all the way from Australia. Only problem is, I have quite a collection of vintage Mary Quant clothing and to decide which dress to wear for it, is a real dilemma... ;-)

    • How did I not guess that!  :o)

    • Oh, and another positive to come out of the Bowie book was a revisiting of Pinups, every bit as good as I remembered it to be. Tasty picture disc version coming for Record Store Day
  • Rescued a copy of this, condition Very Good:953665910?profile=RESIZE_930x

    from World of Books on Amazon Marketplace for £5 delivered. absolute bargain and crammed with tasty pictures, some of which I will share on Cool Pictures once I’ve trawled 135 pages to check they haven’t been posted previously  Got me googling Peggy Moffit -wow!!   Im going to post a picture of her that I came across that I’ve not before but maybe you have. I just figure it’s such a defining picture, IMHO, that nobody will object to seeing it again  



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    • Saw that years ago at the by now gone HMV in Oxford Street, then lost sight of it. Just ordered a copy from eBay! :-) 

  • 820291577?profile=RESIZE_930x820294555?profile=RESIZE_930x820297249?profile=RESIZE_930xTwo new ones by Paul Smiler Anderson; the one about Bowie is the first hand experience of Lower Third drummer Phil Lancaster. 

    • You must have a sizeable book collection Kai. Those one's look pretty decent additions.

    • Yes indeed. Especially love those accounts of people who were actually there, like Phil Lancaster. 

  • Story of Alligator Records,

    Chicago blues label677256974?profile=RESIZE_710x

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