The real Modfather

Everyone calls Paul Weller the modfather.Why? He's a second generation Mod,not an original.Dont get me wrong,I dig the guy and he's done some great music.But why call a second generation Mod the modfather.In my opinion the real modfather is the one and only Ace face Steve Marriot.

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  • As mentioned Cliff Bennett &  Long John Baldry - Steampacket era.

    Definitely people like Reg King. Best white soul voice in history.

    Ian Mclagan - he was always the best dressed in that band.

    • gotta put my 2 penniths worth in, for me, its pete meadon, reason? he wasnt JUST a total 100% mod, who understood what the concept of mod was, he was what a lot of the mods wanted to be, a face, a mover and deal maker, someone on the front line of the r&b/soul scene in this country., he went to america and would have been miles ahead of everyone in the up to the minute fashion stakes, he had his finger well and truely on the pulse, and no one could deny him as THE face of london. mho that without pete meadon,  the who would have been just another rock band, he gave them the mod following, and according to an orirginal mod i spoke to, he was without doubt the sharpest geezer at the scene...i respect weller ofcourse for his mod background, and steve marriot, is a legend, in mod and music...

    • For me, Pete Quaiffe of The Kinks was the true Modfather, he turned up at their gigs on his SS180cc Vespa, Modded up head to toes and then left on his scooter, something Marriott and Weller never did, and like  I said Weller never admitted till the '90's he was a Mod, height of The Jam, he was too serious and conscious of his image, that never stopped any of us liking him, but feck it was grating to see at the time.
  • Cheers Andrew, he had thewhole package as a teen idol, what a talent!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paul Weller was first called The Modfather by The Face Magazine in 1990 when he did the first Paul Weller Movement tour and it was ment as a joke. Weller at the time was not happy but since then it's stuck and now he see's the funny side. It was never Wellers idea. lol.
    • You are right -Long John Baldry was very cool when he was a young man. He was  really sharp.

    • I personally dont think anyone deserves this title, it was a fashion then youth cult.

    • i think the same steve brown

    • i remember a mag with weller on it saying modfather couldent remember what one it was. dont remember it that early on tho probly a diffrent mag think it was about 99.00
  • thorght i would say something. i think marriot is great as i think every mod does the small faces were such a big name for the mods as such and think they were the start of all things mod so maybe marriot should be modfather i dont know but as said allready paul weller is the modfather i grew up listing to him not marriot paul weller has stuck to mod and will always will allthogh i did see a rather dodgy picture of him in a vest the otherday lol but forgetting that he is mod through and through even thro the style cousil stage and that hurt to say but mick talbot was from a mod band to wich i didnt relise i just thorght he was a muppet for stealing weller lol. weller is a CHANGING MAN he didnt want to be known for just the jam he wanted to show his tallent. but weller was and still is mod till he dies he lives and breaths mod just as we do.

    as said by others marriot and others kinda stoped and moved with the times no disrespect to marriot he is great and is so close to being my no1 mod icon but weller just takes it for me. sorry

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