The Scooter Centre ( Maryhill)

Who can remember meeting up at The Scooter Centre workshop on a Saturday morning, this was a regular meeting place for mods who were fortunate enough to be non pedestrian at the time, 1980, there would always be around 20 to 30 Mods on scooters there. We would shoot the shit about the mod scene, being 17 I was a bit fucked for the pub thing, so guys talking about the Rooster and such like was brilliant for me. Anyway it would be an hour or so of talking shite, as you do when you are 17, and then off to the "toon" en masse.It was brilliant causing traffic chaos in Glesga city centre.So some of you guys out there must remember this, or else I have taken the wrang tablet this morning.

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  • Andy, I only ever went to the Scooter Centre a couple of times, I never done any ride outs fae there. If you remember it was like a wee scooter triangle wae the Scooter Centre Showroom, The Scooter Centre Workshop, Ross Motors and the original Mickey Oates all up there.
    • Was talking to Andy about this yesterday, and I was saying that Mickey Oates' was better for the troops to hang around at. I don't remember ever going into the workshop in the Scooter Centre and chatting away with the guys about what was happening in the Mod scene. That part ended right enough when they sold it to that mob who were more interested in bikes than scooters.
    • Chris, I cant remember the workshop either, but then again with my memory! By the way your names been mentioned on the famous Mods post in connection with that band you love, I think they were called the Graduate? Some guys looking for more info on them so I mentioned your name! check the post on Famous Mods. hahaha
    • The workshop was just off Maryhill Road JD. You drove into a wee court thingy that was enclosed, and there was a wee shop at the top left hand side of it. I don't know about anything else but I never knew anyone who worked in the scooter centre in the same way we came to know the guys at Mickey Oates. And I have little knowledge of the Graduate apart from knowing they were total bull. You were the guy who had their LP if I remember correctly, so you will be able to help anyone out who has a question or three about them ha ha.
    • Alright Andy .just came across a couple of old pics taken on the way to Blackpool 80 or 81 ,it looks as if nearly everybody was on a Maroon px bought from the scooter centre in Maryhill.
      I had one myself but didnt realise there was so many in the same colour ,they must have got a job lot of them in 79 /80. will stick them on later when i get a chance.
    • Alright Mik, are you going to the Small Fakers gig? Is Wass comming up?
  • Hi Norrie mate hows things? the scooter centre was on Great Western road & had a bigger showroom than Mickey Oats, if I remember right, as I said I was a wee boy at the time & I liked to go up & watch the big boys on their scooters! those big boys are all old grumpy men now! haha
    • Hi Gowny. Things are good here, how about you? Ok I hope. Being from the South Side, Mickey Oates was the easiest place for get to.
    • The showroom was right on Great Western Road, but they had a sales bit just off Maryhill Road as far as I can recall. that's where everyone used to go, and then leave for a nice wee drive though the town. And I agree with you 100%, they are all grumpy middle aged men (and women)
  • Front door I meant!
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